Dear Colleges and future Colleges,

From January 2021 we are the official diller in Europe for professional equipment for shows. You are asking us constantly - how, what, where you can get  the materials. We are happy to inform you, all the professional equipment for bubble shows you can find now here in Germany. We are working in Europe and worldwide.

With our help you can do picturesque shows and
 amuse your audience with magic tricks!

And at the same time:
100% have reliable and long-lasting equipment
100% have ergonomic equipment
100% perform comfortable
100% prepare and handle everything easy
100% look sophisticated and neat on the stage

If you want our Equipment-Catalogue , if you need help or consultation, if you have questions, you are always welcome:

Facebook Group: Show.Training.Equipment 


Trainings courses are also available - just get in contact with us.


We speak English, German and Russian.